Basics of health and how you can improve them

Basics of health and how you can improve them

With it being World Health Day we wanted to share some of the areas we consider to be the basics of health. We’ve also added in three simple things you can do for each of these areas to begin improving them.


Food quantity

Many athletes struggle to eat enough, however, for the majority of us, overconsumption of food (energy) is the problem. It’s not quite as simple as telling somebody to eat less. Here are three steps you can take to naturally regulate your appetite, helping you to eat the right amount. 

  1. Prioritise protein
  2. Eat more fibrous fruits and veggies
  3. Limit alcoholic or sugary drinks


Move more


Did you know that for most of us, our training actually only accounts for a tiny bit of our energy expenditure!? Consider the following if you’re not already doing so.

  1. Cycle/run/walk to work or the shops
  2. Use a standing desk
  3. Play more with your kids or pets


Prioritise sleep


You can have the best nutrition and training regimen in the world, but if your recovery isn’t on point it’s worth nothing. Getting to sleep on time requires discipline, but there are also a few things you can do to improve the quality. 

  1. Power off 90mins before bed
  2. Read for 30mins prior to lights out
  3. Sleep in a dark cold room


Build resilience


We live in a challenging, demanding world, it’s only right that we should prepare ourselves for that. Integrating the following into your life creates a controlled environment for you to do exactly this.

  1. Start a strength training program
  2. Train for a 5k or 1/2 marathon run
  3. Take cold baths and showers occasionally


Strive for something


This looks different for everyone. The evidence is clear, we are generally happier when we have something to strive for, a purpose, trying to be a little better than yesterday. Along the way don’t forget to:

  1. Celebrate the small wins
  2. Give yourself a break
  3. Live in the present


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