Why we chose grass-fed beef

Why we chose grass-fed beef

We chose grass-fed beef as the main ingredient in all of our savoury bars because we wanted to prioritise real food, and protein.


You’ve probably heard people refer to protein as a macronutrient. Macro - meaning “big” means that its kind of important, and we need it in larger doses than other nutrients. 


Beef is a food that has stood the test of time. We have consumed it for generations. Many people just see beef as a source of protein, but what you actually get in addition is a tonne of essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids like Vitamin A, B12, Zinc, Iron, EPA and DHA to name but a few. 


You’ll often hear people refer to the above as micronutrients. As the name suggests, we need these in smaller quantities, but they are super important. 


It’s also important to understand that foods like beef contain these micronutrients in formats that our bodies can easily take in and use. Let’s call this concept bioavailability. I say this because many plant foods contain these nutrients on paper, but in lower quantities and with poorer absorption in the digestive system - Less bioavailability. 


For some of these vitamins, specifically vitamin A, there is an additional conversion step required by the body when it’s consumed in plants to make the vitamin “active” to use. 


Seems like we are bashing up on plants right!? Couldn’t be further from the truth. We love them and respect the important place they hold in our diets, we're just reviewing facts that are easily found in any well-researched study. The only dietary model we endorse is prioritising real food.


Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of our bars which is coming soon.