A real food first approach

A real food first approach

So what does this look like to us?

Well, as the title would lead you to believe, it’s about using real foods to form the foundation of our diet to support the physical and mental activities we choose to do daily.

You’ve probably heard the term “whole food” before. These are minimally processed foods or refined as little as possible and free from additives or other artificial substances. At Roam Foods, this is what we mean by real food.

We believe simplicity is best. Ideally, when we consume a meal or a snack, we want it to be made from a handful of whole food ingredients. This can make it a little easier for us to truly understand the nutritional value or volumes of the meal.

This is most important for people with a specific health goal, like losing weight or for athletes where weight or body composition is key, like combat sports and bodybuilding.

Additionally, we believe the taste of real food is important. Foods that have been artificially altered to improve taste can be a problem because we can eat large volumes very quickly before our brain actually gets the signal that we are full.

A good example of this is potato chips… Anyone else nailed a whole family-sized bag in the space of five minutes? Only to be left full, bloated, and sluggish for the next three hours. We call these foods hyper-palatable foods, which is one reason why traditional convenience snacks can be damaging.

So there you have it. At Roam Foods, we’re on a mission to make it easier for you to take real food wherever you’re going.

Fuel what’s important to you.