Here was our problem… Can you relate?

We’re not going to sit here and tell you why protein is important, if you're here, chances are you already know that. So here was our problem in a nutshell, would be great to know if you can relate!

We’d classify ourselves as two health focused guys, who wanted to “do it all”. Family, work hard and train hard, without having to think too much about it.
Our problem was that we found it hard to consistently eat enough protein to support all of this through square meals alone. 
We found ourselves constantly relying on ready-to-drink shakes, powders, conventional protein bars and things like jerky or biltong to fill the gaps when commuting, travelling or in between meetings.  

We tried traditional protein bars but there was only so much of the fake synthetic sweetness we could take (we all know the one) & after a while, the “taste monotony” set in.

We looked at more “natural” options, but they were always full of nuts, and seeds, and were woefully lacking in actual protein.

Then there was jerky and biltong which often tasted great, but we couldn’t get our heads around the sodium nitrate artificial flavorings and vast amounts of sugar often used in these products.

We wanted something that ticked ALL of the following boxes:

✅ 100% natural

✅ 5-6 real food ingredients per bar

✅ More protein g/g than any other bar

✅ ½ the calories of a traditional protein bar

✅ Ultra convenience - Super long shelf life, could leave them in our rucksacks etc and they wouldn’t spoil 

✅ Zero artificial preservatives

✅ Source of fibre

Right… Where are we gunna find all that!? Well we had to make it ourselves, and it took us almost 3 years!

At this point it might be a good idea to remind ourselves why it’s even that important to search for a better solution when it comes to protein on the go?

What we know

Protein is king of the macronutrients… We all need it no matter if our goals are:
- Weight loss
- Muscle gain
- General health
- Athletic performance
- Longevity & ageing

Demand goes up dramatically if you fall into one of the following groups:
- You are trying to lose weight or body fat.
- You are trying to gain muscle
- You are engaging in regular physical training
- You are over 40 years of age

For most people getting enough protein consistently can be a struggle:
- Many of us are time poor
- Most convenience meals are woefully lacking in protein
- We don’t crave protein the same way we do other nutrients (like carbs)

Why Roam is better

Because not all protein sources are created equal. Roam’s primary ingredient is grass-fed beef which is one of the most nutrient dense foods we have available to us. Beef is a rich source of:

🥩 Iron 

🥩 Zinc

🥩 Vitamin B6

🥩 Omega 3

Because we ideally want to take a real food first approach to our nutrition. Roam is minimally processed and made with just 5-6 natural ingredients. We have made a commitment to never using artificial preservatives, flavours, sweeteners or binding agents.

Don’t take our word for it… Thousands of people have included Roam in their daily regimen… Check out what some of them had to say.